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Teng Tu

Teng is one of the newest members of the Terra Nova team.  An avid learner, Teng is known among those close to him to be a persistent researcher and student of anything big or small. Teng brings unbounded energy and enthusiasm to his approach to real estate and his clients. Task-oriented and data-driven, Teng has made it his mission to ensure that – before ever stepping inside a home -- his clients are well-informed and educated with the most up-to-date market information and material facts regarding a deal. 

Teng’s passion for real estate began when he bought and began to manage his very first rental property several years ago. He has built up a small portfolio of rental properties in the Triangle even before becoming a licensed real estate professional. Having been “on the other side” of an agent-client relationship, he understands and anticipates his clients’ every need and endeavors to provide a higher quality of service. 

Teng’s skill set crosses from marketing to public relations and customer service. He attended UNC Chapel Hill, where he fell in love with not only the area itself, but also his soon-to-be wife. Born overseas in a region where real property ownership historically has been inaccessible to many, Teng values the right to home ownership for anyone who seeks it.

He lives on the outskirts of Chapel Hill with his fiancée and two dogs, on a sprawling tract of land that he calls his “piece of the American Dream.” Teng hopes to utilize his multicultural background, fluency in Mandarin Chinese, his local network, as well as his marketing savvy and various skill sets to help clients navigate the home buying (and selling) process – and like Teng, help all his clients carve out their very own piece of the American Dream.